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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Printing (E)

Stream: Supporting Teaching, Learning and Student Success

Engineering and Technology is a key enabler of development of any given country. TVET focuses on both formal and informal training that is required for social equity and long-term growth. TVET institutions play a crucial role in a country’s industrialization process and aims at equipping graduands with skills to meet the demand for the job market. The Kenyan government with support from donors has equipped TVET institutions and National polytechnics with state of art machines when fully utilized can create employment for the youth for the sustainable livelihood and income generation. Research show that on implementation of donor projects in the TVET institutions, most infrastructure remain idle, either due to lack of required skills or knowledge. This research proposal aims to find solutions to improve the utilization of idle machines in TVET institutions and National polytechnics, to create content for online learning using AI tools that meets market demand, and to find innovative solutions using artificial intelligence to solve prevailing issues in the job market, such as finding the right spare parts for modern machines, modeling of 3D designs, and so on. The use of AI and CNC printing will ensure the use of idle assets in TVET institutions, impart quality education that meets the demand of the industry, create jobs for our Kenyan youth, generate income for sustainable livelihood and also for our TVET institutions, develop quality content for online learning and leveraging technology in finding solutions to prevailing issues in procurement of spare parts of commonly used machines

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