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Insights from Australia: The TAFE International Victoria Micro-credential framework €

Stream: Supporting Teaching, Learning and Student Success

For decades Australian TAFE Institutes have been recognised as leaders in the delivery of vocational education training across the globe. At the beginning of 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic brought transnational education to a grinding halt, significantly impacting the ability of Australian TAFE institutes to offer transnational education and offshore skills training. In response to the pandemic, the Victorian state government funded the Victorian TAFE Association, which worked in partnership with Educonomy to undertake a feasibility study and to develop a micro-credential framework comprising a suite of tools and templates to support Victorian TAFEs to design micro-credentials that will be delivered across the globe.The feasibility study identified the lack of standards and guidelines to inform the development of micro-credentials or non-accredited online learning material.The VTA worked with Educonomy, went on to build a micro-credential framework to support the members of VTA to design, build and offer micro-credentials across the globe. This framework provides a clear structure that TAFEs can apply to develop high-quality, consistent, and engaging micro-credentials. The framework comprises a user’s guide and a suite of tools and templates that support Victorian TAFE institutes can use to design and develop engaging micro-credentials that are responsive to the needs of both industry and learners.This panel discussion will share insights from the Australian vocational education and training sector and will showcase the innovative and award-winning approach taken by the Victorian TAFE Association (VTA) to support its members to re-think the way it offers transnational education and offshore training.

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