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Indigenous Education for the Benefit of All (E)

Stream: Advancing Indigenous Education

The collective intelligence of Indigenous Peoples’ is evidenced through their unmatched resilience around the world. Having endured devastating impacts of colonization, assimilation and cultural genocide, Indigenous Peoples work tirelessly to hold onto their languages, traditions, cultural protocols and ways of knowing and being. Indigenous knowledge is essential to nation building and integral to life continuing for all who share this land. This presentation will share how Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP), an Indigenous owned and governed educational institution in Ontario, Canada has transformed education in partnership with many colleges, universities, and Indigenous Institutes in Ontario to meet the needs of Indigenous peoples and allies while building and maintaining respectful relationships with peoples of all backgrounds.Session highlights include key initiatives, research, and the impacts of our success for sustainable community development.Participants will be invited to join in the discussion about advancing Indigenous education (regionally, nationally, and globally) in a post-pandemic altered landscape. Participants, through hands-on collaborative work, will gain an understanding of the importance of engagement, relevance, community, culture, language, inclusion, authentic assessment, and reciprocity to moving the dial and advancing Indigenous Education outcomes.Background: Six Nations Polytechnic is a unique place of learning established by the Ogwehoweh Indigenous Nations which have a rich history that precedes the formation of the United States and Canada. SNP developed and offers the only accredited (2016) Ogwehoweh Language degrees in two endangered languages in addition to a range of programming for lifelong learning that responds to labour market demand.

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