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Empirical Research on the Quality of Higher Vocational Talent Training Based on the Information Feedback from Enterprises and Graduates (E)

Stream: Supporting Teaching, Learning and Student Success

Based on literature research, expert interviews, and in-depth research on enterprises and graduates, this research established the quality index system of higher vocational talent training with 150 observation points at 4 levels based on the information feedback from graduates, and a quality index system of 27 observation points at 3 levels based on the information feedback from enterprises. The graduates from 2015 to 2019 and employers with a large concentration of graduates were taken as samples for the research. A database was established by using SPSS20.0. Descriptive statistics, t-test of difference and variance analysis were used for the empirical study. A series of indicators and data such as employment implementation and employment quality of vocational college graduates, improvement of knowledge ability and accomplishment, satisfaction of teaching service to Alma Mater, student work satisfaction, employment service satisfaction, overall satisfaction, recommendation of Alma mater and so on are more accurately understood so as to master enterprises’ satisfaction to higher vocational graduates and colleges. Through linear regression analysis, the main factors influencing the evaluation of the overall satisfaction of higher vocational colleges and enterprises were obtained. Effective countermeasures and suggestions were put forward according to the empirical research conclusions.

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