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Defining our Ideal College- Northern College’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Journey (E)

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance

As a small college in Northeastern Ontario, Northern College services numerous Indigenous Communities. Northern College is known for its excellent support for learners with physical and intellectual challenges. This is the story of College journey to become the Ideal College in our approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion.The growing diversity of the regional population, support for gender equity and need to assure access for excellence in learning, required Northern College assess its equity, diversity and inclusion from a broader perspective. A President’s Task Force was struck in January 21 with a mandate of two years to define what needed to be done, and how to get it done. The interest and participation in the Task Force was overwhelming; every campus, and every staffing group offered up volunteers. Even students wanted to participate. From this enthusiasm was built a coalition of the willing that defined what Northern as an Ideal College would look like when equity, diversity and inclusion are truly exemplified. What we learned, what we have done, forms the story of this journey, with lessons learned for others should they choose a similar path.. . . Know that our journey continues. .. . . . .. .

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