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Consumer behaviour in the fashion and clothing sector (F)

Stream: Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainability

Worldwide, clothing production more than doubled between 2000-2015, and the industry continues to grow rapidly, mainly with the phenomenon of ephemeral fashion (Fast fashion), reports the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The model envisaged for the textile industry must therefore be transformed in order to move towards a circular economic model, based mainly on the two strategies R: to refuse (avoid consumption) and to reduce overconsumption. A key element in achieving this change is consumer awareness of the impacts of their consumption patterns. However, reliable data on clothing consumption in relation to consumer behaviour are scarce in Quebec. This lack of data on consumption habits prevents awareness campaigns. In this context, Vestechpro recently conducted a survey, in collaboration with Renaissance, as part of a project funded by the City of Montreal, to study the consumption habits of Quebec textile products. Our presentation will be an opportunity to share with you our survey results that have been analyzed and compared with the consumption habits of other countries. GHG emissions in CO2 equivalent (CO2e) are also estimated for several garments.

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