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Co-creating a community charter to enhance the international student experience (E)

Stream: Ensuring Safety, Security and Well-being

Recognizing the important role international students play in fueling Canada’s economy and enriching our communities, Canada is issuing record numbers of study permits. At the same time, several systemic issues exist that negatively impact the international learner experience.In this session, we’ll share how we used the “Collective Impact” framework to galvanize a disparate set of community stakeholders around a common agenda, a united vision for change, a shared understanding of the issues and a collective approach to actions, reporting and accountability. By using this community-driven approach, we are intentionally framing the work to improve the international student experience as a shared responsibility. We’ll also highlight the work completed over a one-year period by a Roundtable organizing committee and delve into two key outcomes – a two-day, in person Summit to spur thought-provoking, cross-sectoral deliberations informed by worldwide best practices, and our Brampton Community Charter, which codifies the entire community’s shared commitment to fostering international student success.By openly sharing our process and blueprint with conference delegates, we strive to inspire other communities around the world to increase collaboration among their local stakeholders and undertake the work to enhance the international student experience as a strong, united and resourceful network.

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