Why Attend?

Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary and colleges and institutes across Canada will be gathering April 30 – May 2 in Ottawa at the CICan “Celebration” Conference! The Conference will showcase the contribution of colleges and institutes in transforming communities and building a more prosperous and equitable Canada which embraces diversity and inclusion, openness and a strong sense of pride.

The Conference will provide opportunities for networking and interaction with business, industry, and government and will include pre-conference activities, networking meetings, keynotes, panel discussions and workshops.

Sessions will celebrate excellence in innovative practices and approaches for:

Leadership and Governance

  • Instilling Leadership across the Institution
  • Institutional Engagement in Community Leadership
  • Leading in a Time of Financial Restraint
  • The Board/CEO Relationship
  • Management and Board Relationships
  • Executive Team Building
  • Leading the Entrepreneurial Institution
  • Succession Planning

This stream will be of particular interest to college and institute senior administrators, as well as college and institute board members.

Teaching, Learning and Student Success

  • Prior Learning and Pathways for Learners
  • Student Mobility
  • Key Initiatives and Strategies in Student Engagement
  • Field-based Experiential Learning
  • Emerging Technologies that Enhance Teaching and Learning: Platforms and Tools, Virtual Classrooms, Social Media
  • Mental Health/Healthy Settings to Support Student Success
  • Supporting Immigrants – Bridging, Language and Other Programs Focused on Newcomers

This stream will be of particular interest to Faculty, Students, and Vice Presidents Academic.

Applied Research, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

  • Industry Perspectives on Applied Research Partnerships
  • Social Innovation Partnerships
  • Integrating Applied Research in the Curriculum
  • Student Involvement
  • Quality Assurance, Metrics/Measuring Success
  • Engaging International Partners in Applied Research
  • Partnerships Enabling Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • College and Institute Entrepreneurial Ventures

This stream will be of particular interest to Directors of Applied Research and others involved in Applied Research.

Indigenous Education

  • Elder Perspectives on the Role of Colleges and Institutes in Supporting Indigenous Learners
  • Governance Structures that Recognize and Respect Indigenous Peoples
  • Curriculum and Learning Approaches that Implement Indigenous Intellectual and Cultural Traditions
  • Approaches for Increasing Understanding and Reciprocity among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples
  • Indigenous-centred Support Services and Learning Environments for Learner Success
  • Strong Partnerships to support Self-determination of Indigenous Communities
  • Health and Wellness in Indigenous Communities

This stream will be of particular interest to those involved or interested in Indigenous Education.

Serving Rural and Remote Communities

  • Sustainability of rural communities
  • Social and cultural integration challenges of new immigrants
  • Legacy funding
  • Increased growth of Indigenous populations and in particular aboriginal children and youth
  • Alignment with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to advance reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples
  • Growth in international students
  • Novel approaches to existing policies and investment strategies directed at improving connectivity – infrastructure, technology access, bandwidth, and network security
  • Partnerships with colleges and universities to better meet the needs of communities – supports and services
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset – encouraging the community and empowering people to work together
  • Innovative approaches to recruiting and retaining faculty to rural, remote and northern colleges are needed

This stream will be of particular interest to participants from colleges and institutes serving rural and remote communities.


  • Integrating gender equality into EFEs – innovative practices, lessons learned and results
  • Mainstreaming gender equality into TVET systems or projects targeted directly on women and girls – which is most cost-effective?
  • Are international development projects par of a college or institute’s corporate social responsibility?
  • Ways and means to increase the internationalization of Canadian students – innovative programs and untapped funding sources.
  • Environment and the green/clean economy.
  • International recruitment – recent experiences and tools that work – are EduCanada Fairs the only way to go?
  • Working with IFIs – understanding procurement systems and project types at the ADB/DFID/CDB/AFDB.
  • How to better prepare for bids – is “clustering” the way to go for college involvement.
  • Women’s inclusion in trades and technical education and training in fields.

This stream will be of particular interest to those responsible for or interested in international approaches and activities.