The conference is organized into six streams, outlined below. As colleges and institutes are helping rewrite the future of post-secondary education, sessions will address opportunities and lessons learned for the future as we navigate through the new COVID-19 reality. Indigenous education, diversity and inclusion are also included as cross-cutting topics across the different streams.

Governing Excellence

This stream will include sessions on institutional planning and creating institutional structures that drive change and capitalize on the diverse abilities of faculty, staff, and technology. It is an opportunity to explore best practices aimed at creating nimble institutions able to seize opportunities while mitigating risk. It will also include presentations on building intelligent partnerships, inclusive governance and the important role of the CEO and the Board in building connections within their community.

Wiring for Student Success

Sessions in this stream will explore how institutions can ensure the success of their students by providing adapted support services as well as a healthy and inclusive learning environment. This includes creating inclusive and intelligent campus spaces, promoting both physical and mental health, and using new technologies to strengthen support services from application to career placement for all learners, including Indigenous and underrepresented populations. 

Hacking Education

Education must adapt to tackle disruption in the classroom. This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can use innovative teaching and assessment methods to take learning beyond the typical classroom setting. From virtual and blended learning, work-integrated learning in the world of AI, and new approached to hands-on learning, to the integration of traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, this will be an opportunity to discover the latest and most successful approaches to teaching.

Embodying Sustainability

This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can expand their leadership role to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote sustainability in multiple sectors. From embedding environmental sustainability principles and competency development in curriculum development to adopting solutions-oriented approaches to applied research, and designing smart green campuses, there is a lot post-secondary institution can do to build a sustainable future.

Driving Innovation

This stream will explore how colleges and institutes can build a culture of innovation on campus and increase the capacity of applied research departments to meet the expanding needs of local businesses and entrepreneurs. This includes strategies to encourage students to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, incorporating applied research into curriculum, and developing intelligent solutions to tackle current challenges.  

Going Global

This stream will focus on expanding global intelligence and international strategies. Sessions will cover the full range of international activities undertaken by colleges and institutes, including international student recruitment, TVET development and gender equality abroad, as well as inbound and outbound student mobility activities.