Presentation Gallery

This year’s unique format means that participants will be able to engage with content in non-traditional ways. In addition to live sessions, registration gives you unlimited access to pre-recorded sessions available on demand in the online presentation gallery!

Tracks Presentation Speakers
What is Enactus Canada (E)
ITIL® 4 Digital Transformation Meets Real Life: How to Get the Best from Your Cloud Services (E)
  • Carlos Cantu
Accessible Testing to Access Students (E)
  • Sam Fleischmann
  • Lucas Haoyang Lui
The benefits of offshore offices and how to do it without the risk or hassle (E)
Banking in Canada: International Student Pre-Arrival Tips (E)
How to create global work integrated learning opportunities for students (E)
  • Kris Hodgson-Bright
Steps to Success with Helmets to Hardhats (E)
Reinventing the Mold: How BGIS is more than just a service provider through Work Integrated Learning Opportunities at SAIT and RDC (E)
Ramping Students up for College by Increasing their EDI & Indigenous Knowledge (E)
  • Kaila McCormick
An Institutional Approach to Collaborative Online International Learning: Reimagining Internationalization at Home (E)
  • Amira El Masri
Pivoting during a Pandemic – Social Innovation Research (E)
  • Nicole Doyle
  • Amanda Cappon
  • Crystal Garvey
Reducing Barriers to Inclusive Access Project Working Group (E)
  • Zeina Sleiman
  • Shauna Moore
Customizing and Gamifying Cybersecurity Learning (E)
  • Ali Abbas Mehboob Hirji
Cyber Security Gamification (E)
  • Mehdi Sheikhzadeh
Adjusting the sails for international cooperation and global education: best practices in maximizing faculty and student engagement within international cooperation projects and global education initiatives (E)
  • Janine Knight-Grofe
  • Jacqueline Towell
  • Danielle Harder
Training model integrated with the socio-productive sector. A case study: Chile Canada (E)
  • Candace Miller
  • Rosa Cristina Aguilar Correa
  • Danilo Curumilla Nuñez
International Recruitment and Retention from the Kitchen Table (E)
  • Natasha Hillier
  • Jeff Patry
  • Jeff Martin
Understanding transfer experience in the skilled trades (Construction sector) (E)
  • Kyle Paul
  • Matthew Hack
  • Rashmi Gupta
  • Samantha Sandford
Charting Teaching and Learning: Reframing Thinking and Learning in Early Childhood Education (E)
  • Maria Cole
  • Carly Rich
Innovation Leadership in Polytechnics Beyond COVID: Sensemaking and Transformation in an Age of Uncertainty (E)
  • Steve Wilson
Doing EDI Outside the ‘Bureaucratic Box’: A Decentralized, Community-Organizer approach to EDI at Vancouver Community College (E)
  • Reba Noel
  • Shantel Ivits
Soul Shines On Deck: Faithfulness to your gifts and growth as leaders (E)
  • Carrie Nolan
  • Jared Peters
  • Camila Vasquez
  • Victor Toki
Academic Strategic Planning for a Post-Pandemic World (E)
  • Marilyn Herie
Stronger Together: Using Collaborative Programming Between Small Colleges as a Change Catalyst (E)
  • Jenna Niebergall
  • Jeff Fisher
The Evolution of HyFlex at Lethbridge College (E)
  • Lexi Schaerz
  • Trevor Gellrich
A Cross-Functional Team-Approach to HyFlex Delivery (E)
  • Paula Hayden
  • David Lampron
  • Mike Ray
Coaching meets Post-Secondary Education: A cross-provincial pilot series promoting ‘coach-like’ college teaching for greater self-awareness and accountability in the classroom (E)
  • Jenn Wicks
  • Dana Wetherell
The Future of Education Coming Out of the Pandemic: Blending the Old and the New! (E)
  • Catherine Gravel
Enriching Experiential and Working-Integrated Learning Experiences During a Global Pandemic (E)
  • Erin Dancey
  • Michael Williams-Bell
  • Danielle Harder
Mnaajidiwin Curriculum Project (E)
  • Joanne Pineda
  • Sarah Sandy Ouellet
  • Madelaine Khan
How Niagara College designed and implemented an innovation award in support of student learning and success (E)
  • Natasha Hannon
  • Dana Wetherell
Child and Youth Care Diploma in a Blended, HyFlex, Project Based, Cross Campus, Authentic Assessment Format (E)
  • Shelly Currie
  • Kelly Shaw
Supporting Student Mental Health by Raising Student Voices (E)
  • Mara Hortsing
  • Brent Madigan
  • Paniz Permanoon
Humans of ImpAct – CICan ImpAct Social Entrepreneurship Project Working Group (E)
  • Kevin Holmes
  • Christine Hiles
  • Megan Shapka
You’ve made the commitment, but how do you get to net zero carbon by 2050 while educating future generations? (E)
  • Spencer Wood
  • Aman Hehar
Planting Seeds of Sustainability in Early Childhood Education and Pathway Program (E)
  • Louise Zimanyi
  • Lynn Short
  • Jennifer Ball
Development of an Asset Management Plan (E)
  • Stephen Reaume
College Research Departments, an Innovation Driver for the College and Community (E)
  • Andrea Hands
Project Lord Ridgeback Emergency Simulation (E)
  • Jason Vassell
  • Milly Ryan-Harshman
  • Amanda Cannon
Innovation Climates in Higher Education (E)
  • Kevin Baker