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You’ve made the commitment, but how do you get to net zero carbon by 2050 while educating future generations? (E)

Track: Mapping Sustainability

Humber is developing industry-leading energy efficiency methodologies, including new performance benchmarks and scalable models for use by other institutions and programs to educate current and future generations of sustainable building professionals (SDGs 6, 9, 11, 13 and 17).

Setting a Net Zero carbon goal is easy, figuring out how to achieve that goal is difficult, and a challenge Humber has been working on for years. At this point, Humber has a good idea of what works economically in the Canadian marketplace and will share successes and future plans to help inform others.

Main strategies to reduce carbon emissions from buildings include envelope upgrades and district energy supply systems. Both projects will be shared and related to how setting green standards in campus buildings supports post-secondary education going forward – reducing carbon, saving money, and lowering risk as well as using the campus as a living lab to create work-integrated learning opportunities. The ‘Living Lab’ approach has students engage in applied research, study, design, testing through participation in real world and real time campus operations and innovations.

Session Speakers

Aman Hehar

Associate Director, Energy & Climate Change, Capital Development and Facilities Management

Humber College

Spencer Wood

Director, Facilities Management, Capital Development and Facilities Management

Humber College

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