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Understanding transfer experience in the skilled trades (Construction sector) (E)

Track: Navigating the Economy

The shortage of skilled trades workers in Ontario has led to a renewed focus on enabling access to skilled trades education through related PSE and apprenticeship training. The Construction sector in particular has been impacted by the shortage of trained skilled tradespersons and will be the focus of this research project. Construction trades encompass skilled labour from across 40 different trades. Durham College offers training in 13 apprenticeship programs across a variety of skilled trade, and over 20 full-time postsecondary programs in skilled trades. Currently, there is next to no research available on student mobility in construction related postsecondary programs in Ontario. This study proposes a preliminary but in-depth exploration of postsecondary construction related (CR) programs’ student pathways, demographic profiles, and academic success factors, and a comparative analysis with the postsecondary non-Construction Related (NCR) programs. The next phase of this project will seek to better understand the labour market outcomes of the postsecondary CR and NCR skilled trades graduates, and the transfer experiences of those who wish to continue into apprenticeship programs.

Session Speakers

Kyle Paul

Principal Investigator

Durham College

Matthew Hack

Research and Planning Analyst

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

Rashmi Gupta

Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Durham College

Samantha Sandford

Research and Planning Analyst

Durham College