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Training model integrated with the socio-productive sector. A case study: Chile Canada (E)

Track: Sailing Globally

A changing narrative in the Higher Education (HE) sector has manifested and come to stay through these past 18 months living in pandemic. Not only in flipping teaching methodologies from a presential to a virtual mode, but also in challenging worldwide education institutions to look deeper into their internal processes and make the best out of the digital environments to satisfy their academic communities’ expectations. In this spirit, Fanshawe Global, a subsidiary of Fanshawe College, has entered the Chilean market by providing technical assistance to a public university putting together a training model for their TVET leaders and faculty as well as weaving the links between their educational offer with productive sectors and industry in the south of Chile.

This session will address the process of expanding global intelligence and international strategies from the conception to the implementation of a fully virtual project. We will walk you through the key milestones, challenges and victories of training highly competent technicians that can adapt to the current and changing conditions of the workforce.

Session Speakers

Candace Miller

Director, Strategic Initiatives and Business Development

Fanshawe Global

Danilo Curumilla Nuñez

Director, Regional Technical Institute

Rosa Cristina Aguilar Correa

Director, International Outreach

Fanshawe Global

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