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The Future of Education Coming Out of the Pandemic: Blending the Old and the New! (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

At the height of the pandemic, all students were presented with many challenges. However, the 10 to 20% of students with disabilities were the most affected. Unfortunately, few studies explore how digital technologies can be better used to learn and teach? And what technologies and digital adaptations are needed for students with disabilities? These were the questions examined through the universal design paradigm. Our goal was to explore and synthesize information from seven sources: (a) an in-depth literature review, (b) conducting interviews with national and international experts in e-learning and universal design, (c) a review of the practices of three online Canadian higher education institutions, (d) the review of supporting materials for professors, students with and without disabilities on the websites of Quebec universities and colleges, (e) gathering information from four advisory board groups, (f) inspection of education listservs, and (g) reviewing work already done, including the Dawson survey (n=4000 students) and the Adaptech survey (n=237 students with and without disabilities). A full synthesis will be presented, as well as suggestions for the future of education.

Session Speakers

Catherine Gravel

Student in Psychology

Concordia University

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