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The Centre TERRE et ses Satellites: Canada’s one-of-a-kind collaborative vector! (F)

Stream: Building and maintaining strong Industry Partnerships

The Centre TERRE et ses Satellites project involves the establishment of a new training and research lab designed to complement existing infrastructure in Canada. The Centre will aim to transmit the innovations it develops between its partners and potential beneficiaries. Featuring wood-based infrastructure, the versatile and flexible design of the Centre’s facilities will have many energy sources and loads (electric as well as thermal). The 17 pieces of research equipment (production, storage, and energy consumption systems) will interact in a highly diversified manner. A bike path around the site perimeter (connected to the existing municipal bike path) will be used as a renewable energy interpretation trail for visitors. The dynamic and intelligent integration of a wide range of sensors and technologies will require state-of-the-art protection and switching systems. Networks will be designed to promote digital technology, automation, PI archiving and artificial intelligence, in keeping with Industry 4.0 solutions. In addition, the building and related facilities on the main site and the three satellite sites will incorporate cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies with a view to optimizing consumption patterns, managing energy requirements for the Centre’s operations and meeting net-zero carbon and LEED Gold certification. The project will be presented following a consultation period aimed at identifying collaborative opportunities for the participants. This one-of-a kind lab will become fully operational in 2025. 

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