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Sustainable Leadership: How Radical Empathy is our Only Option (E)

Stream: Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainability

Is it actually possible to lead sustainably? Can we fundamentally cultivate responsiveness into our decisions with looming budgets, quiet-quitting and a planet that is on fire? Can we listen with compassion and thoughtfully build solutions while considering the future of our institutions and our world at the same time? Does that sound like a big idea, one outside of your capacity?

The good news is, Sustainable Leadership is possible, the better news is that it starts with you and it is easier than you think. We can develop teams and visions with longevity and intention. We can embrace the idea that the urgency linked to sustainability is not something to fear. We can radicalize empathy and be the change that matters.

Using the ideology that the three pillars of sustainability (social, environmental and economic) are only possible with the fourth pillar of leadership, participants will hear how we can develop an empathetic mindset to positively impact the globe through higher education. In this presentation, participants will reflect on the practical ROI of empathy for them as an individual, and as a member of the collective intelligence. Using concrete examples from leading experts in the fields of empowerment, mindfulness and neuroscience, data will show that the action of self-practice to the action of how we lead will bring a grounded approach to the chaos.

The challenges facing higher education requires change makers and time is of the essence. To change we need to feel, we need radical empathy. Through educational and industry collaboration, universal and inclusive change is imperative for our students, our teams and ourselves.

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