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Ramping Students up for College by Increasing their EDI & Indigenous Knowledge (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

This session will explore how Georgian College has imbedded Indigenous ways of knowing and being, as well as Equity, Diversity & Inclusion concepts into a long-standing college preparatory program, Ramp Up to College. Ramp Up to College previously focused solely on the skills that were thought to be necessary to succeed in college; skills such as, writing, researching, computers, and basic math. Recently, the Academic and Career Preparation department (ACP) hired a new Academic Upgrading Officer, who was previously the Indigenization Specialist. This staff member thought critically about the content covered in Ramp Up and developed an accessible way to include EDI and Indigenous knowledge in the curriculum. Georgian ACP believes that Indigenous knowledge and a basic lens for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion are equally as important as the other skills covered in Ramp Up. When it comes to student success, students need to know more than how to write a great paper. They need to know how to be respectful and they need to know Canada’s history. Georgian’s ACP program is looking past the standard colonized structure of college prep programs and moving to a decolonized way of educating.

Session Speakers

Kaila McCormick

Academic Upgrading Officer

Georgian College

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