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Project Lord Ridgeback Emergency Simulation (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

This presentation is on a joint experiential learning initiative named “Project Lord Ridgeback” (PLRB). Durham College and Ontario Tech University led this multi-disciplinary experiential learning exercise where student participants got a chance to respond to a mock emergency incident. Students were able to put program and industry level learning objectives and employability skills into practice. The event was video captured to contribute towards future learning in the classroom. The first two years that we ran this exercise, fourteen programs participated ranging from witnesses calling dispatch, emergency services response and patients, patients being transported to a mock hospital, and arrested persons being taken to cells. A week after the exercise, mock trials were conducted stemming from the incidents from the exercise. This year, we operated with seven different programs in a tabletop exercise format using Microsoft Teams channels to navigate through the exercise. This change in format was a safety measure due to the current pandemic. In like-manner to previous years, a mock trial portion that will be executed in the coming months.

Session Speakers

Amanda Cannon

Program Coordinator and Professor, School of Justice and Emergency Services

Durham College

Jason Vassell

Professor, School of Justice & Emergency Services

Durham College

Milly Ryan-Harshman

Associate Teaching Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

Ontario Tech University

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