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PASS Program: Nunavut Arctic College (E)

Stream: Advancing Indigenous Education

The PASS program aims to support adult learners (Nunavummiut) as they strive to complete the requirements for their secondary school diploma. The only way to serve such a diverse and geographically isolated group in 25 communities across Nunavut is through a model incorporating online teaching and learning which is supported by instructors in the North and facilitators at campus locations. In the PASS program, students who meet entry requirements are provided with a Google Chromebook, bandwidth for their course duration, and course materials. This presentation will highlight:- a brief overview of our our history, and our current status, and an overview of our demographics and our course structure;-in depth insight into unique challenges or learners/ instructors/ other stakeholders, lessons learned, lessons still learning from over 10 years of PASS; and an opportunity for you to engage in dialogue, as we try to unpack the challenges/opportunities that comes with PASS.We hope you can join us for a pictorial, data and anecdotal infused showcase of PASS.

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