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Mnaajidiwin Curriculum Project (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

To align with Georgian College’s Enhanced Indigenization outcomes, and as part of the curriculum review process, Academic and Career Preparation (ACP) worked with Indigenous Services staff and curriculum advisors to review existing ACP curricula. Criteria included vetting of resources through an Indigenous lens, beginning with Communications materials, to determine if the language and content therein were inclusive and respectful of a diverse classroom. The project was named Mnaajidiwn, after the Anishnaabemowin word for respect, also translated as “when something is done in a reciprocal way, it is ‘easy’ on one another.” This session will outline the phases of Mnaajidiwin and highlight ways in which ACP materials were updated to be more respectful of others. This session will also explore how existing curriculum can unintentionally support cycles of oppression and what educators can do to work with their teams to create more reciprocal content.

Session Speakers

Joanne Pineda

Program Coordinator, Academic and Career Preparation

Georgian College

Madelaine Khan

Professor and EDI Consultant

Georgian College

Sarah Sandy Ouellet

Indigenous Education and Learning Advisor

Georgian College

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