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Lapassion em Rede: an innovative approach towards the professional education (E)

Stream: Building and maintaining strong Industry Partnerships

The Lapassion em Rede is a multi-annual program led by the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Goiás (IFG). The 2022 edition gathered 33 Higher Education Institutions, 31 from Brazil and two from Portugal; 80 students (3 directors, 3 coordinators, 14 tutors, and 60 participants divided into 12 teams); and 9 companies (counterparts) presenting real problems’ challenges to be solved regarding the economy, environment and society. The theme: “Students engaged in the search for sustainable, creative and innovative solutions to real problems”, was conceived based on the Sustainable Development Goals.The program applies the Brampssol Methodology (Brazilian Maker Project and Soft Skills Oriented for Leadership), which is an IFG’s innovative product created in 2021 from the merger of three projects: An IFG Research and Development Project focused on renewable energy and sustainability; IFMAKER, a Maker Network laboratory of the Federal Institutes of Brazil which promotes the Do-It-Yourself culture; and the Lapassion, which was a project led by the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and funded by the Erasmus+ program with the purpose to foster cooperation aiming innovation and the exchange of good practices in education.Brampssol consists on immersing students in a hybrid intercultural and transdisciplinary learning environment (face-to-face and remote) for 10 weeks, in which they’re trained in hard and soft skills through active methodologies and provides the opportunity for students to be the tutors of the process, being also able to lead other groups of students through the challenges and being responsible for the entire project development.

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