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International Student Demand Trends and Challenges from Sub-Saharan Africa – Nigeria & Kenya in Focus (E)

Stream: Building and maintaining strong Industry Partnerships

With a population of 226 million 15–26-year-olds, and this number expected to grow by more than 40% by 2030, Sub-Saharan Africa is a key emerging market for Canadian institutions looking to grow and diversify international student enrollments at their schools. In fact, international student demand from many African countries continues to be strong for Canada. According to IDP data, Canada leads the way as the destination of choice for Nigerian students, with 46% of demand. During this session, industry experts from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, University of Winnipeg, and IDP will discuss the best practices for recruiting students from Sub-Saharan Africa, including in-person and virtual tactics, subject demand trends, future opportunities in the region, and more. Presenters will also discuss the most common challenges of recruiting African students, including low visa approval rates for Canada and foreign currency issues. This session will help institutions better understand the unique dynamics of recruiting international students from Sub-Saharan Africa that need to be factored into consideration by all stakeholders in the collective interest of the students’ journey.

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