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International Recruitment and Retention from the Kitchen Table (E)

Track: Sailing Globally

With the onset of the global pandemic, institutions were forced to rethink the way they attract and support international students. As barriers to mobility emerge, College of the North Atlantic (CNA) created mechanisms that supported incoming students while meeting institutional, provincial, and federal requirements.

With a focus on collaboration across all levels of the institution, CNA developed and implemented numerous initiatives that ensured continued international student recruitment and retention in an increasingly virtual space. To begin, the International Department created a virtual recruitment plan, which was then supported by new standardized processes. Upon acceptance, the College ensured students had access to virtual wrap around supports. This was accomplished through a cross collaboration between key institutional departments and the provincial government. The process was informed through assessing available supports, understanding needs of all stakeholders and re-evaluating key institutional processes to ensure consistency and transparency are woven through every step of the international student lifecycle.

Session Speakers

Jeff Martin

Director of Student Experience

College of the North Atlantic

Jeff Patry


College of the North Atlantic

Natasha Hillier

International Student Development Officer

College of the North Atlantic

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