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Innovation Leadership in Polytechnics Beyond COVID: Sensemaking and Transformation in an Age of Uncertainty (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

The COVID pandemic has and continues to affect us all. It is the all-encompassing catastrophe that has forced us to face uncertainty and question our values and face our challenges in every aspect of society, including academia. It has also been the commonality that binds us all together, our shared experience in an age of uncertainty. For Polytechnics overall, it has also been a call-to-action and has clearly demonstrated our ability to innovate, adapt and overcome.

During this presentation I will discuss the critically important role of innovation leadership in Polytechnics beyond COVID. Starting with an example of innovation, I will introduce the new interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Transformation (C4DT) at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. This centre brings people together from across various distinct communities of practise and expertise to confront complex modern challenges through a process of communication, collaboration and sensemaking. I will then examine recent success stories and practise transformations that shine light on Polytechnics innovation leadership role beyond COVID including our new Smart Campus Initiatives.

Session Speakers

Steve Wilson

Centre for Digital Transformation | C4DT

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

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