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Innovation Climates in Higher Education (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

Innovation is a topic of considerable interest to many of us – hence the stream herein. A failure to innovate in the face of significant disruption will have significant consequences for us all. We must proactively and effectively navigate these increasingly competitive, global, and disrupted seas. Unfortunately, research suggests ‘innovation’ is not well understood in our sector. There also appears to be little consensus about what innovation is. What does innovation look like in our organizations and sector? How do we know if we are actually being innovative? Do we measure innovation by outcomes or inputs? Researchers have found, despite all of the innovation rhetoric, that there is actually limited appetite for innovation. There is also some evidence of a discrepancy between how innovative senior leaders believe their organizations are and how innovative their organizations actually are. This discrepancy should be cause for great concern – if not alarm. This presentation examines recent research into innovation climates. Specifically, it examines the positive and negative impacts specific leadership behaviors and organizational structures have on innovation climates.

Session Speakers

Kevin Baker

Executive Dean, School of Business, IT and Management

Durham College

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