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How to create global work integrated learning opportunities for students (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

Over the past two years and six waves of the pandemic, we all know it has been challenging to try and find innovative opportunities for students. Luckily, an online platform that began in Victoria, B.C. called Riipen connected post-secondary institutions like mine in southern Alberta with industry partners across North America. This opened up some amazing opportunities for my students that I couldn’t have dreamed of. Students saw their work published on a Los Angeles-based pop culture website, they wrote stories about Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity for a Boston company, they created animations for a video game company in San Diego, they performed user experience testing for an interactive graphic novel in Colorado, they worked for an international design firm in Vancouver and they interviewed Indigenous speakers from across Canada and created bios for them to promote their events. I look forward to sharing with you how I created these opportunities.

Session Speakers

Kris Hodgson-Bright

Faculty, Digital Communications and Media

Lethbridge College

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