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How Niagara College designed and implemented an innovation award in support of student learning and success (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

In October 2021, Niagara College launched the “President’s Award for Innovation in Student Learning and Success”, in response to a recommendation by the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP). The College’s Centre for Academic Excellence (CAE) led the award development process, which was a collaborative process built on knowledge sharing, relationship building, clear communications and active engagement across many levels of the organization. The process began with a broad market and institutional analysis, followed by focus groups comprising a number of faculty and staff, many of whom volunteered their time to participate in working groups to develop the award purpose, criteria, eligibility, and application. In this session, the presenters will:
share the collaborative approach and processes that supported the design and implementation of the award, showcase activities used to gain feedback and perspectives from faculty and staff, outline key lessons learned from the development and implementation of the award, and summarize the outcomes of the process including the award’s purpose, eligibility, and implementation.

Session Speakers

Dana Wetherell

Educational Developer, Centre for Academic Excellence

Niagara College

Natasha Hannon

Associate Director, Educational Development, Centre for Academic Excellence

Niagara College

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