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FAST – Breaking Down Barriers to Newcomer Success (E)

Stream: Embracing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We will speak about Embracing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion using a proven platform to overcome newcomer diversity and inclusion challenges that will help overcome barriers to jobs and education in Canada. The Facilitating Access to Skilled Talent platform is an online skills and competency assessment platform that helps newcomers on a pre-arrival or in Canada understand how the skills and competencies developed through previous work and educational experiences align with occupations in the New Brunswick labour market. By improving individuals understanding of their current skills and competencies, FAST supports individuals to determine occupational alignment based on current skills, while identifying and providing gap training opportunities for those that require up-skilling to be more suitable for the desired occupation. We will discuss this is being used to capture Prior/Experiential Learning in Student portfolios and how the platform as an online intervention to support prospective and current immigrants in NB while offering upskilling and reskilling opportunities throughout their journey prior to and once in NB within NBCC/CCNB to facilitate careers in province.A Prepare for Work Play Stay Module for all Pre-Arrival Immigrants and International Students will provide a better experience for those all newcomers to NB and a seamless transition on arrival while introducing all family members to the work and education, Leisure opportunities here that we believe will help in the retention of newcomers in the province. We will speak to the opportunities within the platform for Newcomers/Canadians such as the Indigenous training module in the platform.

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