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Enriching Experiential and Working-Integrated Learning Experiences During a Global Pandemic (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

Providing students with authentic learning experiences has been challenging during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Experiential and work-integrated learning are fundamental to college curriculum. Traditionally, these experiences would be embedded in curriculum as laboratory sessions and field placements within the community. Due to limitations on international travel and closures of potential field placement agencies, faculty and colleges needed to develop new approaches for authentic learning experiences. In order to overcome these barriers, hy-flex options supporting laboratory sessions and the development of enhanced on-campus field placements have provided students with unique learning experiences. Presenters will highlight the technology required to live-stream and virtually support laboratory sessions along with the assistance of the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL) iHUB grants to develop and enhance on-campus field placements. This session will be self-moderated by an inter-disciplinary group of panelists involved in the creation of these enriched experiential and work-integrated learning opportunities.

Session Speakers

Danielle Harder

Professor in Journalism - Mass Media

Durham College

Erin Dancey

Professor in Fitness and Health Promotion

Durham College

Michael Williams-Bell

Professor/Program Coordinator in Fitness and Health Promotion

Durham College

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