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Engaging Indigenous Communities in Applied Research (E)

Stream: Advancing Indigenous Education

There are many ways to engage Indigenous nations in applied research. The successes are grounded in the same thing – relationships built on communication. This session will explore how to build a meaningful relationship, how to learn what Nations want as priorities for research and then how to move along the continuum to implementing the outputs of that research to drive changes.This campfire style session will examine key actions to build a trusted relationship where the community needs will drive the project and the institutions will will provide their expertise. Many Indigenous nations are seeking sustainable green energy solutions and energy independence. This session will explore the building blocks of successful collaborations with Indigenous communities that maximized their identified opportunities. We will share how the unique expertise at our respective institutions afforded solutions and highlight the potential for acts of reconciliation through Indigenous lead applied research projects. Presenters from three applied research institutions will share their successful applied research experience and then in campfire discussions share lessons learned and brain storm solutions to participant identified challenges. Takeaways are concrete steps and actions to facilitate the successful application of applied research conducted in collaboration with Indigenous nations.

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