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Reinventing the Mold: How BGIS is more than just a service provider through Work Integrated Learning Opportunities at SAIT and RDC (E)

Track: Partner Session

BGIS has taken a Student First Approach on facility management within the higher learning sector. As the Facilities Manager at colleges like SAIT and RDC, BGIS integrates our facilities management program with the learning environment through internship opportunities; promoting women in trades, capstone learning projects, practicums and speakerships. BGIS has been able to create a symbiotic relationship between the faculty staff, student body and service provider.

You will hear directly from students who received internships and participated in projects that are helping BGIS develop sustainable practices for our clients and create valuable work experience for your students. The interns also receive exposure to project managers and industry leaders through this ‘work Integrated Learning Approach’. These relationships create references and career opportunities for the students and expose your talented students to potential employers.

Furthermore, throughout this session, you will learn how BGIS creates value through sustainable procurement, innovative technical solutions, FM data collection and analysis, energy management programs and contributes to capital and asset management planning. The savings created through these activities are reinvested in sustainable campus improvements that benefit the whole student body.

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