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Doing EDI Outside the ‘Bureaucratic Box’: A Decentralized, Community-Organizer approach to EDI at Vancouver Community College (E)

Track: Governing the Vessel

In 2020, Vancouver Community College did not have the resources to establish a centralized Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Yet, the College needed to respond to the societal storms of racism. There were disturbing incidents of anti-Indigenous, anti-Black and anti-Asian violence. As an urban institution in a highly diversified city, the VCC Community was profoundly impacted by these events and leadership needed to respond. The clashing waves of fiscal limitation and moral imperatives led to an alternate approach and structure for addressing equity, diversity and inclusion that has made progressive change at VCC. A post-secondary institution, like an ocean-going vessel, is a sophisticated ecosystem that needs every member of that system to be actively engaged when navigating unexpected ocean swells and storms in order to safely stay on course. Leaning into the possibilities opened by the implementation of a decentralized model for EDI, where decision-making was embedded throughout the College, we were able to think outside of the bureaucratic box, use components of the community organizing model and take cues from social movements that drive positive change.

Session Speakers

Reba Noel

Dean, Indigenous Initiatives/Institution Lead, EDI

Vancouver Community Centre

Shantel Ivits

Department Head, Basic Education

Vancouver Community Centre

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