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Development of an Asset Management Plan (E)

Track: Mapping Sustainability

As research operations grow, colleges will find that they have to maintain an ever-growing fleet of highly sophisticated and expensive equipment. This can hurt operations and partner experiences if the equipment is not maintained properly. However, this can be expensive and time consuming to accomplish. A proper asset management strategy is key to ensuring the equipment is operating at peak efficiency for your research staff. If colleges can develop an effective asset management plan, they can then stay ahead of some of the unfortunate downtime caused by equipment failures. This presentation will take you through how to initiate and maintain an asset management plan from start to finish. It will go over the necessities of maintenance including, having a coordinator/manager for the plan, preventative maintenance, service contracts, and the importance of a reputable supplier and many other factors. Lastly it will look at the cost/benefit at the college level for a proper asset management plan. This will give colleges the tools to begin managing a growing set of assets that will help grow their research and the Canadian economy as well.

Session Speakers

Stephen Reaume

Associate Director, Research Operations

Lambton College

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