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Customizing and Gamifying Cybersecurity Learning (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

The presentation discusses the role of mapping user behavior with threat feeds and system logs to better train users for potential attacks. Ransomeware attacks, as an example, have grown exponentially in North America through 2021, and many successful attacks are due to user behavior. By studying user behavior within an enterprise architecture, our team developed learning instances and training modules to help users better prepare for future threats. Incorporating the core of the NIST framework, we will share some innovative techniques to study access, general and system logs to better support cybersecurity training and proactive response. The model we have executed supports technical and nontechnical users and can be scaled across multiple HMI or web interfaces.

Session Speakers

Ali Abbas Mehboob Hirji

Research and Project Lead - AI Hub & Centre for Cybersecurity Innovation

Durham College

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