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College Research Departments, an Innovation Driver for the College and Community (E)

Track: Steering Innovation

Innovation is a critical component for Colleges to be socially and economically healthy, resilient and sustainable. But what exactly do we mean when we refer to “innovation” and how can it be embedded in all aspects of a college? Research & Innovation (R&I) departments, can support and often lead initiatives to grow and embed innovation within their College’s academic, student success and operational departments and can play an important role in increasing innovation within its community by leading new and improved strategies that generate social and economic impact. Andrea Hands, Partnership, Strategic Initiatives and Communication, Manager in the Research & Innovation Department at Lambton College will lead the conversation about what is innovation and how do we define it? During this presentation, examples of innovative initiatives and activities led by their R&I department that have been implemented and executed to increase innovation branding, awareness, and celebration of innovation across Lambton. She will also share leading ideas that have encouraged community collaboration that push novel approaches to address community challenges.

Session Speakers

Andrea Hands

Partnership, Strategic Initiatives & Communication Manager

Lambton College

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