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Charting Teaching and Learning: Reframing Thinking and Learning in Early Childhood Education (E)

Track: Charting Teaching & Learning

This session will examine how faculty deconstructed a traditional, Euro-Western Early Childhood Education curriculum framework transforming it into a curriculum design that incorporates innovative teaching strategies that supports critical thinking, reflective and ethical decision making. Students critically evaluate their work, as well as others to develop a sense of critical consciousness. This shift has exposed students to a thoughtful process of developing communities of learners and practice that affords students and faculty the opportunities to collaborate, study, dialogue, and critically think about ideas within their scope of practice to construct, rather than reproduce knowledge. Students incorporate worldviews about education, teaching, learning, the image of the student, with an emphasis on the concepts of diversity, social justice, equality, and inclusivity. The shift in thinking supports Indigenous knowledge and approaches to engage with Indigenous community partners, along with offering a comparative methodology of inclusive and diverse strategies. The curriculum incorporates the 7 Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILOs) created at Confederation College.

Session Speakers

Carly Rich

Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Education

Confederation College

Maria Cole

Professor, Early Childhood Education

Confederation College

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