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Case Study for the mutual understanding in ESD action in “Kankyo Cafe” (E)

Stream: Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainability

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development states the need for regional-level dialogue. Scientists and the public have been engaging in dialogues, known as “Kankyo Cafés” since 2015. The Café is an event at which an environmental dialogue takes place with the aim of deepening the participants’ understanding and promoting empathy. The cafés generally last for about 60 to 90 minutes. Each café has about four to eight participants. In Japan, cafés related to a safe and secure society and harmonious coexistence with nature have been held, with themes related to SDGs. Cafés have also been held on SDG themes at universities in the United States etc. In addition, the type of environmental dialogue represented by the café is related to other interactive environmental educational activities and more generally to SDG 4 (education). We hope to continue this activity by inviting not only students but also a broader range of participants, and hope that the sharing of various opinions from people of different cultures and educational backgrounds will contribute to a better understanding of environmental issues. We predict that using this method for education, consensus building, and policy advocacy will help to promote a society that pursues SDGs in the future.

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