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Building Bridges Together: using co-production strategies to change the way we live and work (E)

Stream: Transforming Leadership and Governance

Colleges and community service providers are partners in shaping a new world for the next generation, and they are routinely challenged to develop innovative solutions to ever increasing social problems that show up in both communities and classrooms. This Campfire session will highlight a current, SSHRC-funded college and community research partnership entitled Building Bridges Together; co-production of financial empowerment strategies with people experiencing low income and engage the participants in the practice of co-production exercises designed to transform how they interact with students, and design programs.Co-production is an approach that moves beyond consultation regarding program design and implores service users and service providers to collaborate on equal footing and learn from each other’s unique perspective (Slay & Robinson, 2011). Presenter Lorraine Closs has led two, 3-year, SSHRC funded research projects in partnership with community service providers that have been grounded in the principles of co-production. Through these projects it has become evident that working in a co-production approach has far reaching impacts for both service design and service use; those involved in the project indicated that being immersed in the others’ perspective changed the way they viewed the problem (Closs, 2020).How can you apply co-production strategies in your work with students, community partners, and in your design of programs? By highlighting the use of co-production techniques in the presenter’s current research project, this session will challenge leaders to change the way they interact with the people they serve and shape a future that is grounded in real life experience.

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