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An Institutional Approach to Collaborative Online International Learning: Reimagining Internationalization at Home (E)

Track: Sailing Globally

This presentation expounds upon an innovative, comprehensive, institutional approach to technology-enhanced internationalization at home learning experiences. This approach will be explicated in the context of Sheridan College. As early adopters of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), Sheridan was positioned well to employ a future-oriented strategy that both supports present internationalization strategy and future international learning experiences. Embracing change, a comprehensive approach was taken to build around and strengthen COIL at Sheridan. Focus was placed on building capacity, in the creation and promulgation of professional learning resources; student support, through mobile-enhanced interactive support modules; and interdisciplinary & intercultural education, by way of an engaging effective intercultural communication module. Underlying principles of this future-oriented leadership strategy such as comprehensiveness, agility, and flexibility will be detailed along with tangible practices that will allow for the implementation of effective leadership in both times of stability and growth as well as significant change and disruption.

Session Speakers

Amira El Masri

Director, Center for Global Education and Internationalization

Sheridan College

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