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Academic Strategic Planning for a Post-Pandemic World (E)

Track: Governing the Vessel

Typically spanning a five-year cycle, a strong Academic Strategic Plan anticipates what’s on the horizon while reflecting the needs and aspirations of diverse stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, administrators, industry, as well as the President, Board of Governors, and Executive Team. An Academic Plan must meaningfully reflect all voices and stretch (and shatter) boundaries, resonating across the institutional ecosystem. Achieving this can be a delicate balance at the best of times; and even more so today. This session offers participants a “how-to” guide for successful, high-impact academic strategic planning for a post-pandemic world, with tips, resources and lessons learned, as well as a methodology spanning multiple engagement channels: from the traditional (e.g. surveys, focus groups, and town halls), to cutting edge and creative (e.g. virtual talking circles, social media, and student-created visual art). Centennial’s Academic Plan: 2021-2025 – Building Leaders and Changemakers – affirms that when human connectedness feels most fragile and fragmented, education is a powerful force for public good, social and economic change, Truth and Reconciliation, and healing.

Session Speakers

Marilyn Herie

Vice President Academic and Chief Learning Officer

Centennial College

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