Our Montreal Host Committee

Together, the 13 host institutions have over 750 years of experience in post-secondary, providing quality programming focused on success in both academics and student life. These institutions are representative of Montreal as community hubs fostering growth and student excellence through a culture of innovation, diversity, involvement in the community and abroad, and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. With this comprehensive approach, our host institutions encourage and contribute to the development of both individual and collective intelligence!

They offer a rich variety of specialty programming in both regular, continuing education, and online learning, including fashion, art, and design; humanities and social sciences; business management; and digital technologies, VFX and video game design. Hence Montreal’s colleges provide a direct link between the workplace and the academic milieu. This wide range of programs is provided in English, in French, and in both official languages.

Additionally, our host colleges are home to 13 College Centres for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) specializing in research fields ranging from chemical and pharmaceutical sciences, environmental and sustainable development, fashion and graphic arts to social innovation, including inclusive and accessible solutions for people with disabilities and the professional integration of new immigrants to Canada.

This year’s host committee is comprised of: