Technology Partner

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)

Booth Number : 19
Email : DND.IDEaS-IDEeS.MDN@forces.gc.ca

The Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program will be investing $1.6 billion in innovations for defence and security over the next 20 years.

The IDEaS program is designed to improve DND’s access to the creative potential of Canadian innovators. We use your knowledge and concepts to enhance defence capability, create an economic impact, and ultimately, to build an innovation ecosystem for national defence.

From the early stages of an idea to the final testing in a real world environment, IDEaS mobilizes Canadian innovators through defence and security challenges and collaborates to best adapt, shape and maximize the potential of your technology.

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Marketplace Lunch

Pearson PTE Canada

Booth Number : 28
Contact Name : Jesus Gomez
Title : Regional Development Manager
Email : jesus.gomez@pearson.com

Accepted around the world by governments, universities and professional bodies, PTE Academic tests speaking, writing, reading, and listening in a single, two-hour test. Accepted by most Canadian universities and colleges, it’s the best choice to help your students obtain their Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute.

Sponsorship Item: Marketplace Lunch - Wednesday, April 27

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Connection Activities


Contact Name : Roberto Diniz
Title : Marketing Manager
Email : roberto.diniz@bonard.com

Established in 2007, BONARD is a market intelligence and strategic development firm specializing in international education. We leverage our global knowledge and connections to help our clients grow in the vibrant global market.

Sponsorship Item: International CONNECTION Activity # 2

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Booth Number : 4
Contact Name : Meg Foote
Title : Partner Relations Manager
Email : megan.foote@applyboard.com

ApplyBoard empowers students around the world to access the best education by simplifying the study abroad search, application, and acceptance process. By connecting international students, academic institutions, and recruitment partners on a single online platform, ApplyBoard drives qualified student applicants and diversity to more than 1,500 campuses across Canada, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2015, ApplyBoard has helped more than 300,000 students along their educational journeys.

Sponsorship Item: Keynote - Tuesday, April 26

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Booth Number : 7
Contact Name : CANARIE Information
Title : Information
Email : info@canarie.ca

CANARIE connects Canadians to each other and to the world. Our programs equip Canadian researchers, students, and startups to excel on the global stage.

Together with our thirteen provincial and territorial partners, we form Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). This ultra-high-speed network connects Canada’s researchers, educators, and innovators to each other and to global data, technology, and colleagues.

To strengthen the security of Canada’s research and education sector, we collaborate with our partners in the NREN, government, academia, and the private sector to fund, implement, and support cybersecurity initiatives. We also provide identity management services to the academic community, boost Canada’s startups with cloud resources and expertise in emerging technologies, and fund the development of software for research.

Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with most of our funding provided by the Government of Canada.

Sponsorship Item: Keynote - Wednesday, April 27

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Maple Bear Global Schools Ltd.

Booth Number : 13
Contact Name : Michelle Tice
Title : Vice President Global Marketing & Communications
Email : michelle.tice@maplebear.ca

The Maple Bear network includes more than 550 schools, 386 schools are open and another 164 will be opening soon, in 32 countries. Maple Bear Global Schools is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high quality Infant care, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary education, based on practices that place Canadian education among the best on the planet. Delivered in a safe and stimulating environment and with a multicultural and student-centered approach, the Maple Bear methodology develops curiosity, imagination, experimentation and discovery, sparking a true passion for lifelong learning. Learn more: www.maplebear.ca

Sponsorship Item: Keynote - Monday, April 25

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Booth Number : 27
Contact Name : Chelsea Parker
Title : Marketing Manager
Email : cparker@studiosity.com

Studiosity is the global leader in timely, personal, 24/7 study help, and was founded specifically to meet social challenges. Today, our sole mission is still to increase life chances with access to anytime, anywhere, learning support. We provide online academic literacy support for over 1.6m students around the globe.

Sponsorship Item: Closing Dinner Special Guest - Wednesday, April 27

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International Experience Canada (IEC)

Booth Number : 29
Contact Name : Monique Campeau
Title : Senior Policy Analyst
Email : monique.comeau@cic.gc.ca

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a Government of Canada program that allows Canadians aged 18 to 35 to obtain a work permit to work and travel in one of IEC’s over 35 partner countries and territories. As a reciprocal program, foreign youth can do the same in Canada.

Sponsorship Item: Stream Sponsor - Sailing Globally

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Pearson Canada

Contact Name : Josh Ballem
Title : Director of Sales
Email : Josh.ballem@pearsoned.com

We’re the world’s leading learning company, dedicated to helping everyone realize the life they imagine. We add life to a lifetime of learning.

Sponsorship Item: Stream Sponsor - Charting Teaching & Learning

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Health Breaks


Booth Number : 1
Contact Name : Jesse Poulin
Title : keep.meSAFE Program Manager
Email : jesse@keepmesafe.org

The keep.meSAFE Program is part of the guard.meCARES suite of services. Our program offers confidential solutions-focused counselling to students with multilingual, culturally sensitive, and gender-inclusive support that complements your school’s health and wellness strategy.

Students have 24/7 access to support from our highly qualified counsellors in their language and culture to help them deal with any school, health, or general life concern. Using our free program app, students also have access to a wide variety of multilingual self-directed resources, including articles, videos and assessment tools. Additionally, the program offers different referral pathways for students to access counselling, consultative support for staff and faculty, community outreach, as well as ad hoc support.

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CICan Awards of Excellence

TD Insurance

TD Insurance is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the CICan Awards of Excellence Program. It is also one of CICan’s corporate partners. Staff at participating CICan member institutions have privileged access to the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program, which offers savings through preferred insurance rates.

Sponsorship Item: CICan Awards of Excellence

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Opening Reception Partner

IDP Connect

Booth Number : 20
Contact Name : Meghan Krohn
Title : Marketing Manager, Canada
Email : meghan.krohn@idp.com

IDP Connect is a division of IDP Education, global leaders in student marketing and recruitment. Working with institutions as true partners, IDP Connect understands and enhances our clients’ capabilities with the transformative power of data, insights and engaged student communities. With over 130 offices in 30 countries, IDP Connect offers a one-stop-shop of services for institutions – including in-country promotion, student placement, and onshore arrival services – enabling them to reach their global recruitment ambitions.

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Virtual Conference Platform


Booth Number : 5
Contact Name : Milijana Dragas
Title : Partner Relations Manager
Email : milijana.dragas@applyproof.com

ApplyProof is a trust solution, supporting international students on their educational journey. By engaging a diversity of partners, ApplyProof provides secure, transparent portability and access for international student documents including Proof of Acceptance and Proof of Language Proficiency. It enables stakeholders in the student’s journey, including Admissions Officers and Immigration Officials, to trust authenticity by viewing the digital original on ApplyProof servers.

Powered by ApplyBoard, Canada’s education technology leader, ApplyProof recognizes the need for trust in international student documents. Secure and efficient verification assures trust. As an independent platform, ApplyProof integrates tech innovation, document security, and commitment to student success.

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