CICan is very excited to announce that we will be back in person in Montreal! Marketplace will be an interactive and engaging environment and will allow Conference attendees to meet with booth staff face-to-face once again and learn about their products and services.

The World Congress is not just an opportunity to network with colleagues, you will also have a chance to meet new potential partners, and discover new products and services offered to the broader post-secondary community. This wouldn’t be possible without the participation of our many exhibitors and sponsors.


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CICan is happy to welcome the following exhibitors to the 2023 World Congress:

Academica Group

Booth Number : 205
Contact Name : Bruce Thompson
Title : Senior Vice President
Email : info@academicagroup.com

At Academica Group, we are driven by the singular mission of moving higher ed forward. With over 25 years of experience in Canadian postsecondary education, we provide market research and institutional consulting to help universities, colleges, and polytechnics become stronger than ever. Talk to us about improving your strategic enrolment practices, conversion rates, student satisfaction, programming, and more. Plus, stay up to date with our sector-leading Academica Top Ten newsletter.

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Booth Number : 210
Contact Name : Hannah Dang
Title : Senior Director, Partner Relations
Email : hannah.dang@applyboard.com

ApplyBoard empowers students around the world to access the best education. The world’s largest online platform for international student recruitment, ApplyBoard has assisted more than 600,000 students with their educational journeys. In 2022, ApplyBoard was named one of the fastest–growing technology companies in Canada by Deloitte, ranking #30 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and #170 on the 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list. This marked the fourth consecutive year that ApplyBoard was recognized by Deloitte as one of Canada’s fastest–growing companies.

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Aramark Canada

Booth Number : 200
Contact Name : Rob McNern
Title : VP Growth
Email : mcnern-rob@aramark.ca

At Aramark, we know the power of excellent Service and Hospitality. With over 60 years of Higher Education experience, we’re not simply serving quality food, we’re serving worlds brought together. We’re not just setting tables, we’re sparking dialogues. We’re not just partners, we’re ingrained in your unique identity and vision—creating the best, most inspiring campus experience imaginable.

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Association des collèges privés du Québec (ACPQ)

Booth Number : 411
Contact Name : Patrick Bérubé
Title : Directeur général
Email : acpq@acpq.net

The ACPQ is the grouping of the 21 private subsidized colleges in Quebec offering pre-university and technical programs.

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Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC)

Booth Number : 325
Contact Name : Louise Guilmain
Title : Coordonnatrice, évènements et communications
Email : comm@aqpc.qc.ca

The Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) is seeking to offer places for exchanges on higher education pedagogy to the staff of CEGEPs and colleges in order to improve the educational success of Quebec students.

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BioTalent Canada

Booth Number : 105
Contact Name : Amanda LeGal
Title : Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Email : alegal@biotalent.ca

BioTalent Canada supports the people behind life-changing science. Trusted as the go-to source for labour market intelligence, BioTalent Canada guides bio-economy stakeholders with evidence-based data and industry-driven standards. BioTalent Canada is focused on igniting the industry’s brainpower bridging the gap between job-ready talent and employers and ensuring the long-term agility, resiliency, and sustainability of one of Canada’s most vital sectors.

For more information, please visit biotalent.ca.

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Bow Valley College: Skills for Success

Booth Number : 304
Contact Name : Alisa Foreman
Title : Manager, Workforce Preparation School of Foundational Learning
Email : sfs@bowvalleycollege.ca

Bow Valley College, Calgary and region’s only Comprehensive Community College, is leading a national research project to support the validation of Skills for Success, funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Skills for Success Program. The College is seeking partners to pilot a suite of evaluation and training resources designed to support success across education, training, and employment contexts.

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Campus Living Centres

Booth Number : 303
Contact Name : Brian Freeman
Title : Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development
Email : bfreeman@campuslivingcentres.com

Campus Living Centres is Canada’s largest provider of student housing, owning and/or managing approximately 32,000 beds on 35 post-secondary campuses. Through close collaboration with our campus stakeholders, we ensure the residences we own and/or manage preserve the values and unique identity of each our respective institutional partners.

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Booth Number : 415
Contact Name : Victoria Racher
Title : Marketing Specialist
Email : victoria.racher@canarie.ca

CANARIE connects Canada to the world. Our programs equip researchers, students, and startups in Canada to excel on the global stage. Together with our 13 provincial and territorial partners, we form Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). This ultra-high-speed network connects Canada’s researchers, educators, and innovators to each other and to global data, technology, and colleagues.

To strengthen the security of Canada’s research and education sector, we collaborate with our partners in the NREN, government, academia, and the private sector to fund, implement, and support cybersecurity initiatives. We also provide identity management services to the academic community and boost Canada’s startups with cloud resources and expertise in emerging technologies.

Established in 1993, CANARIE is a non-profit corporation, with most of our funding provided by the Government of Canada.

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Booth Number : 320
Contact Name : Kanishk Gupta
Title : Executive Director - Global Head, International Student Pay
Email : Kanishk.Gupta@cibc.com

CIBC (CM: TSX, NYSE) is a Tier 1 Global Financial Institution serving over 13 million clients globally. Leveraging capital markets trading and technology, CIBC conducts cross-border payments and money movement solutions with volumes surpassing $500 billion annually. CIBC provides the International Student Pay online secure portal – a one-stop cross-border payment solution that allows international students to pay their fees from anywhere in the world, anytime.

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CICan Connection Conference 2024 (Calgary)

Booth Number : 418
Contact Name : Heather Keen
Title : Event Specialist, Bow Valley College
Email : hkeen@bowvalleycollege.ca

SAIT serves more than 50,000 students annually, offering certificate, diploma, post diploma, apprenticeship and applied degree programs, corporate training, continuing education and applied research.

Bow Valley College is Calgary and region’s only Comprehensive Community College with 14,000 students in business, technology, entertainment arts, health, community studies, and foundational programs.

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ECO Canada

Booth Number : 401
Contact Name : Danial Fisher
Title : Event Management Lead
Email : dfisher@eco.ca

The Steward of the Canadian Environmental Workforce.

From job creation to wage funding, to training and post-secondary accreditation, through expert labour market research and customized human resources solutions for business, ECO Canada champions the environmental sector, and the end-to-end career of environmental professionals.

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Booth Number : 203
Contact Name : Esther Park
Title : Associate Director, TOEFL Client Relations
Email : ypark003@etscanada.ca

You need reliable information about English-language proficiency to help you select the best candidates. With more TOEFL® scores sent to post-secondary education institutions in Canada than all other English tests combined – the choice is the TOEFL test. Our scoring methods, expertise, and tools help you decide with confidence.

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Fédération des Cégeps

Booth Number : 225
Contact Name : Francis Brown Mastropaolo
Title : Director of International Affairs
Email : francis.brown@fedecegeps.qc.ca

CEGEPs are higher education institutions offering innovative training pathways, where technical career and pre-university programs co-exist. Strongly connected to professional communities, CEGEPs prepare students to enter the workforce straightaway or for higher level of studies. Our system also comprises 55 applied research centers. We are active internationally through mobility programs.

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Global Affairs Canada: EduCanada

Booth Number : 302
Contact Name : Michael Redenbach
Title : Education Association Liaison
Email : Michael.Redenbach@international.gc.ca

The EduCanada brand is a collaborative partnership between Global Affairs Canada and Canada’s provinces and territories through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC). EduCanada promotes the high-quality education offerings of Canada’s provinces and territories.

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guard.me International Insurance

Booth Number : 403
Contact Name : Tony Rogge
Title : Director, Strategic Partnerships - Canada
Email : tony@guard.me

guard.me International Insurance has been in business for a quarter of a century and celebrates their 25th anniversary in 2023. They understand the unique needs and challenges of the international education industry better than any other insurer, and attribute their success to an ongoing spirit of partnership and collaboration.

Wellness and mental health are a constant consideration behind every interaction, which is reflected in superior services and products that keep people healthy, safe, and productive. Their seasoned approach and star quality come from building strong teams of professionals with specialist skills and experience across Canada and Europe.

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Booth Number : 404
Contact Name : Emelie Westdahl
Title : National Business Development Leader
Email : emelie.westdahl@honeywell.com

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company with operations in more than 75 countries. Building owners and operators use Honeywell’s hardware, software and analytics to help create safe, efficient and productive facilities. Honeywell’s solutions and services are used in more than 10 million buildings worldwide.

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Hudson Valley Community College

Booth Number : 104
Contact Name : Jay Deitchman, Ph.D.
Title : Coordinator for Global Initiatives
Email : j.deitchman@hvcc.edu

Located in New York’s Capital Region, Hudson Valley Community College is one of the State University of New York’s most acclaimed colleges, offering 80+ associate degrees and certificate programs. Hudson Valley can develop new credited and non-credited programs, to address the changing and diverse needs of local and global communities.

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ICEF – International Consultants for Education & Fairs

Booth Number : 101
Contact Name : Vanessa Goulding & Ross Holmes (rholmes@icef.com)
Title : ICEF Business Development Manager, Canada & USA
Email : vgoulding@icef.com

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iCent APP

Booth Number : 111
Contact Name : Ganesh Neelanjanmath
Title : Founder, CTO
Email : ganesh@neel-tech.com

iCent, an enterprise platform offers feature-rich functions within a convenient mobile app, combined with in-person and remotely staffed programs that help International Offices achieve greater productivity and scale, all while assisting students at each critical juncture of their study with you. To learn more about why iCent is trusted at over 1000 campuses globally, book a free demo today!

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IDP Connect

Booth Number : 400
Contact Name : Carolyn McCalley
Title : Events Manager, North America
Email : carolyn.mccalley@idp.com

IDP combines human expertise and technology to help students access their dream international course across 30 different countries.

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Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)

Booth Number : 202
Contact Name : IDEaS
Title : IDEaS Positional Mailbox
Email : DND.IDEaS-IDEeS.MDN@forces.gc.ca

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) is the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) access to innovation program. With its five funding elements, IDEaS supports the development of solutions by helping push technology forward from early R&D to a demonstrable level that can increase defence capabilities. IDEaS is for all Canadian innovators, from defence primes to academia, Small and Medium sized enterprises to not-for-profits, municipal/provincial/territorial entities to individuals.

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International Experience Canada (IEC)

Booth Number : 321
Contact Name : Colin Lalonde
Title : Policy Analyst
Email : IRCC.IEC-EIC.IRCC@cic.gc.ca

International Experience Canada (IEC) manages youth mobility arrangements with over 30 other countries and foreign territories to make it easier for young people between the ages of 18-35 to work and travel abroad for up to two years.

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Booth Number : 420
Contact Name : Ian McManus
Title : Account Executive
Email : ian.mcmanus@lightcast.io

Lightcast provides global labor market data, analytics, and insights that empowers educators to make informed decisions to navigate the world of work. With a database of more than 1 billion job postings and career profiles, Lightcast provides best-in-class customer service with data, analysis, and guidance on skills, jobs, and opportunities.

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Booth Number : 301
Contact Name : Irene Li
Title : Executive Assistant
Email : irene1.li@torontomu.ca

Magnet is Canada’s only Digital Community Workforce System

We bridge labour market supply and demand to support the vision of an effective and well-coordinated employment and training system in partnership with a community of government, employment, industry, and enterprise organizations.

Magnet brings together technologies, creating an ever-evolving digital solution that inclusively connects organizations and businesses with talent and opportunities. Collectively, we are driving positive workforce and economic development for Canada.

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Mental Health Commission of Canada

Booth Number : 324
Contact Name : JeanPatrick La Forge
Title : Program Coordinator
Email : jpla_forge@mentalhealthcommission.ca

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) leads the development and dissemination of innovative programs and tools to support the mental health and wellness of Canadians. Through its unique mandate from the Government of Canada, the MHCC supports federal, provincial, and territorial governments as well as organizations in the implementation of sound public policy.

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Booth Number : 221
Contact Name : David Julien
Title : Executive Director
Email : david.julien@oui-iohe.org

The Inter-American for Higher Education (IOHE) regroups more than 400 colleges and universities in 28 countries of the American continent and will gather for the 8th edition of the Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 6 to 8 November 2023.

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Pearson PTE Canada

Booth Number : 204
Contact Name : Assia Hamdane
Title : Director of Sales, Pearson Test of English
Email : assia.hamdane@pearson.com

English tests for study, work, and visas
Prove your English skills with PTE – the fast, computer-based English test.
Trusted by more than 90% of universities and colleges in Canada.
Accepted for visa applications to Australia, New Zealand, UK and soon Canada.
Results typically in 48 hours.

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REES Technology Group Inc.

Booth Number : 100
Contact Name : Mary Lobson
Title : Founder & CEO
Email : mary@reescommunity.com

REES (Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) is the leading online platform for trauma-informed reporting of campus sexual violence. This centralized hub provides multiple reporting options including Anonymous Report and Repeat Perpetrator Identification, contains sexual violence policies and information about supports and resources.

REES partners with institutions to reduce barriers to reporting and gathers critical data and insights that are used to inform prevention efforts. REES can be adapted for any campus, anywhere. At REES we believe that everyone deserves to learn, live and work in an environment free from sexual violence. Together we can shift the culture and change the future.

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Regroupement des cégeps de Montréal (RCM)

Booth Number : 413
Contact Name : Stéphane Godbout
Title : Directeur général
Email : sgodbout@rcm.quebec

The Regroupement des cégeps de Montréal (RCM) brings together the twelve French- and English-speaking public CEGEPs of the Island of Montreal for consultation, coordination and representation. It is a privileged place for the Cégeps de Montréal to work together on any issue related to the development of college education, particularly with respect to regular education, continuing education, student services, communications, applied research and information technology.

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Booth Number : 422
Contact Name : Michael Weber
Title : Account Executive
Email : michael.weber@riipen.com

Riipen is an online experiential learning platform that connects educators and learners with employers through highly flexible and scalable solutions. On a mission to eliminate underemployment, Riipen has built a robust marketplace of over 430 post-secondary institutions and 27,000 employers, delivering over 165,000 learner experiences.

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Booth Number : 305
Contact Name : Flora Wu
Title : Manager, New to Canada Strategy
Email : flora.wu@scotiabank.com

Scotiabank is Canada’s international bank with close to 25 million customers and over 2,700 branches around the world.

The Scotiabank Student GIC Program can help you meet the study permit requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada faster by showing proof of funds – and provide you with access to money to help pay for living expenses while you’re studying in Canada. Scotiabank also offers bank accounts and credit cards for international students.

For details on what Scotiabank can offer international students and conditions, visit: https://startright.scotiabank.com/students.html

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Simulation Canada

Booth Number : 424
Contact Name : Dania Buttu
Title : Project Coordinator
Email : dbuttu@simulationcanada.ca

Simulation Canada is the interprofessional, cross-sector, non-profit network for the advancement of simulation in education, healthcare, and beyond. We provide professional development, events, resources, and support to increase your capacity for effective simulation-based education. Though based in Canada, our programs are available globally.

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Booth Number : 318
Contact Name : Chris Helsby
Title : Vice-President & General Manager
Email : chelsby@studiosity.com

Studiosity is the global leader in 24/7 study help, founded specifically to meet social challenges. Partnering with 250+ institutions around the globe, we provide online support for over 1.6m students. Studiosity compliments existing institutional services, enhances the student experience, and improves wellbeing, retention, performance, and integrity, proven through university research.

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TD Insurance

Booth Number : 201
Contact Name : Luc Naud
Title : Relationship Manager
Email : luc.naud@tdinsurance.com

As a trusted partner, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Program is dedicated to helping Colleges and Institutes Canada members get access to preferred insurance rates on car, home, condo and tenant coverage.

TD Insurance is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the CICan Awards of Excellence Program and is a CICan Corporate Partner.

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The Scion Group

Booth Number : 300
Contact Name : Mike Porritt
Title : VP International
Email : mporritt@thesciongroup.com

The Scion Group is North America’s only firm providing a full suite of advisory and operational services exclusively for student housing. Scion has worked in over 300 campus markets in the United States and Canada. Scion’s advisory services platform guides our clients through the full lifecycle of campus housing implementation, including planning and feasibility, P3 partner selection, and program management – enabling informed decision-making from inception to ribbon-cutting. Visit scionadvisory.com.

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Thompson Rivers University

Booth Number : 108
Contact Name : Alison Dunn
Title : Manager, Partner Relations
Email : adunn@tru.ca

TRU Open Learning provides flexible online and distance learning for everyone. Through our Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), we are able to assess non-formal training. If you are interested in hearing about our PLAR initiatives and partnerships, or articulating a student pathway with TRU, please stop by our booth.

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Vretta Inc.

Booth Number : 219
Contact Name : James Howell
Title : Manager of Academic Partnerships
Email : james.howell@vretta.com

Our vision is a world where everyone enjoys mathematics. One-third of students entering post-secondary education are at risk of not completing their chosen program due to low numeracy skills. Vretta, an award-winning Canadian company, designs and develops custom digital experiences that are proving to build student-confidence in mathematics.

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World Education Services (WES)

Booth Number : 319
Contact Name : Aliyyah Nazeem
Title : Senior Manager, Academic Services
Email : anazeem@wes.org

World Education Services (WES) is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping international students, immigrants, and refugees achieve their educational and career goals in Canada and the United States. For more than 45 years, WES has set the standard of excellence in the field of international academic credential evaluation.

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WUSC (World University Service of Canada)

Booth Number : 106
Contact Name : Catherine Veillet-St-Amant
Title : Senior Program Officer/Chargée de programme - Student Refugee Program/Programme d'étudiantes et d'étudiants réfugiés
Email : cveilletstamant@wusc.ca

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization working to create a better world for all young people. We bring together a diverse network of students, volunteers, schools, governments, and businesses who share this vision. Together, we foster youth-centered solutions for improved education, economic, and empowerment opportunities to overcome inequality and exclusion.

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