Think Globally, Act Locally: Supporting Communities with Economic, Cultural & Educational Benefits (E/SI)

April 28, 2021 | 2:15 - 3:00

Track: Going Global

This session will illustrate how college academic programs can be developed to meet the needs of international students to fulfill high demand in a community, successfully integrate International and domestic students, provide global learning opportunities, solve shortages in housing and classroom capacities and blend academic and workplace learning. Industry leaders and community partners in the tourism & resort area of Collingwood and Blue Mountain, as well as Bracebridge in the resort area of Muskoka, where two of Georgian College’s campuses are located, have expressed a need and desire to work with the college to bring more hotel resort, tourism, and culinary post-secondary programs to the area as the local economy relies heavily on the service industries, specifically in accommodations, tourism, food, and recreation. Georgian’s Hospitality Hotel and Resort Operations program, with an innovative approach to teaching called ‘Integrated Workplace Learning’, was specifically designed to not only meet the local economic industry need, but also set new standards on how the college integrates new International students to the college in their chosen area of study. The development of this program was a ground-up design of the existing program that took into consideration the needs of all stakeholder groups. The collaboration of these disparate groups provides a synergetic model for how community colleges can meet the needs of students, industry partners, communities, and local government.

Session Speakers

Leslie Palson

Dean, International Education & Development

Georgian College

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