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The Olds College Smart Agriculture Ecosystem: Driving Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector (E) (ES.1)

Track: Embodying Sustainability

The Olds College Smart Farm is at the heart of the Smart Ag Ecosystem at Olds College. Launched in the summer of 2018 on a 100-acre parcel of land, it has now expanded to encompass our 2,800-acre farming operation. A living lab, the Smart Farm is a place for learning, innovation, validation, demonstration and scaling of smart-connected agriculture technology. Our Smart Ag Ecosystem encompasses our Smart Farm, smart Ag applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship programming, and Ag technology academic programming to create a place for producers, industry partners, SMEs, students and faculty to look at the opportunities and challenges facing the agriculture industry and investigate solutions to transform agriculture for a better world.

This session will include key members of the College’s Smart Ag Ecosystem and will cover how Olds College identified the gaps related to skill development, training opportunities, knowledge transfer, infrastructure, expert capacity, and entrepreneurial support system required to build a culture of innovation on campus and in the agriculture technology sector in Canada. The presentation will highlight how the Olds College Smart Ag Ecosystem is building capacity to fill these gaps and is positioned to be a national leader and hub for the development, validation, training, and scaling of Smart Farm technologies and practices.

Session Speakers

Alex Melnitchouck

Chief Technology Officer

Olds College

James Benkie

Dean of the Werklund School of Agriculture Technology

Olds College

Joy Agnew

Associate VP, Applied Research

Olds College

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