The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number … in the Shortest Period of Time – Driving Innovation (E/SI)

April 27, 2021 | 1:15 - 2:00

Track: Driving Innovation

Sometimes driving innovation requires not only a change in the narrative but rethinking of how the story ends. At the beginning of our recent pandemic, Camosun Innovates reached out to the Vancouver Island Health Authority, or Island Health, to ascertain what were their most pressing concerns. While ventilators were very much in the news, it was the scarcity of personal protective equipment (PPE) that was at the top of their list. This was not a surprise given the scarcity of raw materials, the failure of the supply chain, and the profiteering that marked the early days of COVID-19 as a global phenomenon. Many companies were addressing the PPE shortage using traditional approaches, but Camosun Innovates took a different tack. Rather than jumping straight into production to meet local demand we approached the problem as one of design, and instead of focusing on the needs of the Island we chose to think globally to the greater needs of the world at large. This session focuses on how design drives innovation that changes narratives and serves more than a single master. This session begins with an examination of three projects accomplished by Camosun Innovates in response to the global pandemic, but then shifts to provide participants with a venue for articulating how global good can be harvested from local deeds. Those in attendance will be asked to consider their own institutional responses to the pandemic and analyze their actions and motivations from a different perspective, to change their own narrative to something more far-reaching.

Session Speakers

Richard Gale

Director, Camosun Innovates

Camosun College

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