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“The Engagement Landscape at NorQuest International” (E) (WSS.3)

Track: Wiring for Student Success

For most of us, a global pandemic is something we never expect to experience in our lifetime. To help international students navigate such a crisis in a new academic and cultural environment, at NorQuest International, we have created an inclusive virtual campus space for learners. To recreate campus community and give everyone a sense of belonging, NorQuest International together with experts from different areas, conducts Weekly Friday Live Chats built around topics of relevance for international students and invites them into a much-needed dialogue. Virtual Check-Ins and Check-Outs on Mondays and Fridays create an informal space for students to connect with their peers, share big and small wins or challenges, as well as exchange ideas with each other on a topic of their choosing. Alone Yet Together is a project dedicated to a better representation of international students, painting a portrait of the “human experience” during these challenging times and capturing snapshots of students’ moments of resilience, sadness, happiness, and courage. International Peer Mentorship Program connects senior international students with new international students to ensure better transition of the latter through advice, support, and connection from knowledgeable, approachable, and non-judgmental peers.

Moreover, to enhance engagement early in the student life cycle, NorQuest International has digitalized Orientation for New International Students, which has increased orientation attendance by 300% over a year. The Orientation includes pre-recorded sessions on settlement, an immigration piece, academic success tips, and other sessions. These engagement activities have positively impacted both the new learners’ student experience and the work of N0rQuest International in more ways than one.

Session Speakers

Olga Leshcheva

International Student Engagement Officer, International Student Supports & Retention, NorQuest International

NorQuest College

Tatiana Vasil’eva

Team Lead, International Student Supports & Retention, NorQuest International

NorQuest College

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