The Agile Institution – A Model for Catalyzing Partnerships (E)

May 5, 2020 | 10:15 - 11:15

Location: 210 H
Track: Governing Excellence

In this session, Centennial College will present Solv., a single-point of contact that connects companies seamlessly to a variety of business-enhancing opportunities and services across Centennial College for free. These connections build mutually beneficial partnerships that advance industry relationships and enhance the student experience.

Solv. provides the following collaboration opportunities for industry partners: Access to Student Talent; Student Collaboration for Industry Solutions; Research and Innovation Solutions; Networking Opportunities; Funding Opportunities; Corporate Training and Professional Development; Business Start-up and Scale-up Solutions; Program Advising; Sponsorship and Giving Opportunities; International Partnerships and more. In addition to fulfilling the immediate needs of companies, Solv. is committed to making connections that count. Rather than a one-time collaboration, Solv. aims to proactively identify new opportunities for engagement as a company’s needs change and evolve. This leads to the creation of long-term partnerships where companies routinely engage various college departments. Presenters will share the journey behind the formation of Solv., barriers and challenges faced, and lessons learnt in engaging industry through this first-of-its-kind service.

Session Speakers

Manjeet Kang

Senior Manager, SIER

Centennial College

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