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Supporting Indigenization in Health & Human Services Education (E) (HE.13)

Track: Hacking Education

At Camosun College, our commitment to truth and reconciliation through Indigenization has been recognized nationally. Indigenization means the world views of Indigenous students are reflected in the curriculum and non-Indigenous students are prepared to build better relationships with Indigenous peoples (Michel, 2013). We have committed to a natural process of Indigenization (Bopp, Brown & Robb, 2017) in which Indigenous ways of knowing, being, doing and relating are integrated into our educational, organizational, cultural and social structures through different interventions.

In early 2019, we surveyed non-Indigenous faculty in the School of Health & Human Services to determine which interventions inspired them to change their educational practice to support Indigenization. Our work includes an analysis of 35 interventions at the College and in the community, a thematic analysis of how faculty were inspired to change their practices, and a temperature check on how well the faculty believe they are meeting the College’s goal of Indigenization.

In this session, we will share our survey results and analysis, key themes and engage in a conversation on how to support indigenization in post-secondary education.

Session Speakers

Cynthia Smith

Dean, School of Health and Human Services

Camosun College

Faye Martin

Indigenous Support Coordinator, Health & Human Services

Camosun College

Janice Simcoe

Director, Indigenous Education & Community Connection

Camosun College

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