Strengthening Community Cohesion, Resilience and Skills: Lessons from Australia’s Community Education Providers (E)

May 7, 2019 | 13:45 - 14:45

Location: Peller A
Track: Leading Success

Australian adult and community education providers – also known as “community colleges” – have a unique role in Australia’s education and training system. As well as providing non-accredited and vocational training, they play a remarkable, often unseen role in economic and community development, especially in regional and rural locations. Community providers specialise in developing programs that are responsive to local needs, often acting as catalysts for learners to move on to higher levels of study when needed for employment. These education providers excel at reaching the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, including Indigenous Australians, regional and rural residents, people with disabilities, older (45+) workers and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Because of their autonomous governance and community base, they have the flexibility to act as innovators and incubators of new ideas and structures for growth and change. This presentation showcases examples of Australian community education providers, such as Indigenous driver education, permaculture, social enterprises, independent high schools, professional migrant mentoring and business incubators.

Session Speakers

Don Perlgut

Chief Executive Officer

Community Colleges Australia

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